PM Series PH Type

Helical wormgear unit available in six unit sizes up to 45kW capacity.  Gear unit ratio range up to 300:1 and up to 22,000:1 if combined with other Renold helical gear products.


  • "Rapid Response" lead times on standard product -  available from stock components
  • Variable mounting - design flexibility
  • High torque unit - compact design
  • Robust construction - suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Adaptability - ideal for hostile environments
  • Innovative design - allows modular extension of power ratio range
  • Motorised and speed reducer versions
  • Long life synthetic lubrication
  • Hollow output shaft design for direct shaft mounting
  • Single and double extension plug-in output shaft for many design options
  • Speed reducer version available for drives requiring free standing gear unit only
  • Modular design to allow flange mounting of other Renold gear units increasing ratio and torque capacity range


PM series - PH type - Product Features

  • Unique Holroyd tooth form for maximum torque capacity and optimum efficiency.
  • Sprag clutch backstop option to prevent drive reversal.
  • Heavy duty taper roller bearings fitted for maximum load capacity and long life.
  • One piece close grained cast iron gear case for strength and absorption of vibration for quiet running.
  • Accepts standard IEC and NEMA motors, B5 and B14 flanges.
  • Hardened and profile ground helical gears for quiet running and high efficiency.
  • Hollow output sleeve with electron beam welded bronze wormwheel rim for high security under shock load conditions.

The PM series, PH type unit has been designed and built to a modular form to allow the combination of other Renold products to extend the torque, ratio and speed range.