Air Preheater Solutions

Renold Gears designs, manufactures and services standard and customised Air Preheater drives.

Design options include: 

Central Drives

Renold designs options for centrally driven Air Preheaters, including worm and helical gearing configurations, which can be designed as drop-in replacements for originally supplied units, or designed to the OEM's specification for new applications.  A central design has a solid output shaft and mounts directly on to the main rotor shaft of the APH, secured by means of a shrink disc. 



Helical Worm Gear Drives

Renold offers a multiple input helical-worm-worm with hollow bore output for direct mount to the drive shaft or it can be supplied with an optional Renold Hi-Tec coupling.  It can be direct mounted to multiple prime movers including AC, DC or air motors.  The drives can be manufactured in a range of sizes to suit power stations from 200 to 1200 MW.  Different torque requirements are dependant on the size of the power station.


Peripheral Drives

Renold supplies options for peripherally driven air preheaters.  A peripheral drive is mounted onto the extremity of the APH.  It is supplied with a solid output shaft onto which a spur gear is mounted, which drives the APH via an externally mounted girth ring gear.


Bevel Helical Gear Drives

Renold's bevel helical solution is a multi stage design with the option of a solid output shaft, either vertically up or down, and with provision for multiple inputs and integrated holdbacks.  The drives include a self-contained lubrication system.  They can be either gear pump or electric motor driven and can be supplied with separately mounted gear motors for barring.  The main motor is driven by a fluid coupling for soft starts.  The drives can be manufactured in a range of sizes to suit power stations from 200 to 1200 MW.