Integrated Management System Policy

To be the leader in the Industrial Chains market we serve,  to the benefit of our customers, employees, investors, external providers and the society  by focusing on the highest level of the customer satisfaction  as our priority. We shall strive to continually improve our performance in all front of to ensure that the needs and  requirements of  all relevant interested parties are fulfilled  by compliance to the Integrated Management System  related to Quality, Environment and Health & Safety involved in our activities.

We aim to achieve this through our commitment towards

  • Achievement of Integrated management System(IMS) Objectives by effective implementation of Management System Requirements.
  • Fulfilment of  Legal and  other requirements applicable to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health  and Safety management that  the organization subscribes
  • Protection of the environment,including  prevention of pollution, Reduction, Reuse and Recycling of Wastes and sustainable use of resources.
  • Prevention of injury and ill health of our employees and those working under our control by eliminating Hazards and providing Safe & healthy working environment.
  • Promotion of risk-based thinking in all activities associated with process, environmental protection and occupational health & safety to determine the factors that could cause deviations from the planned results and to put preventive controls in place.
  • Communication to all stake holders and interested parties with the intent that they are made aware of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety obligations.
  • Providing all employees, contractors and visitors with relevant information, operational controls and regular training on IMS requirements to enable them to conduct their activities safely and effectively.
  • Encouraging the consultation and participation of employees in achieving the IMS objectives.
  • Continually Improving our Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health & Safety performances.

“ This IMS policy is communicated to all employees and contractors who are working on behalf of RCIPL to be followed in letter & Sprit and reviewed for continuing suitability. This IMS policy is also made available to Customers, External Providers and Public.

S Ramachandran

Managing Director, Renold Chain India Private Limited,