The Renold REGV Series Trapped Roller Freewheels are self-centering by means of plain bearings.

Torque is transmitted to the inner race via a key and the outer race via the torque arm. Shaft tolerance must be h6.

The primary use for the REGV freewheels is as a backstop. The freewheel should be fixed to the machine body by placing brackets on either side of the torque arm or by using a pin or bolt in the slot. Note that a clearance of 1% of slot width is needed between torque arm and brackets or slot and pin. If a bolt is used instead of a pin it must not apply any axial loads to the torque arm.



  • Screw Pumps / Pumps
  • Belt / Bucket Conveyors
  • Inclined Conveyors
  • Escalators
  • Gear Drives
  • Ventilators / Fans

An alternative application would be indexing where a push rod is connected to the torque arm slot. Clearance between slot and pin must be 1% of slot width.

The REGV is supplied pre filled with grease and normally requires no further sealing.


  • Metal Stamping
  • Press Working
  • Packaging Machines
  • Indexing Machines
  • Assembly Machines Printing Machines