RF Series

A range of shaft mounted helical gear units, available with a direct flange mounted motor with ratios of up to 300:1 and 7.5kW capacity.


  • Designed to European standard, interchangeable without re-engineering.
  • Direct mounting of IEC and NEMA motors B14 and B5.
  • Double and triple reduction - wide ratio availability
  • Aluminium construction - low overall weight.
  • Supplied with lubricant from the factory - maintenance free

RF Series Product Features

  • High tolerance, heavy duty bearings for trouble free operation and maximum load carrying capacity
  • Hardened and profile ground gears for maximum power transmission , smooth operation and long life with maximum efficiency
  • Plug in IEC and NEMA motor adaptors B14 and B5
  • Shrink disc, output flange and input shaft assemblies.