The REGL F4-D2 series comprises an REGL Base Unit freewheel, combined with an F4 Fixing Flange and a D2 Cover Flange.

Torque is transmitted to the inner race via a key from the shaft and the outer race by means of bolts.

Components mounted onto the outside diameter of the outer race should be bored to an H7 tolerance. Shaft tolerance must be h6/j6.

The driven part (pulley, gear etc) is centered on the spigot dimension D6, of the F4 Flange.

The unit is supplied with two paper gaskets for use between outer race and sealing cover/fixing plates. Failure to use the gaskets may cause loss of lubricant and subsequent rapid failure of the freewheel.

Prior to use, the freewheel must be lubricated as per instructions on page 35 of our current catalogue.

The REGL F4-D2 unit is a self sealed design.

For pre-greased lubrication options the REGLG range is available, contact Renold Sales for assistance.